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Teacher Email and Zoom Links


Andy’s Zoom Link:



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MLD is open year-round, with the exception of the following dates, at which time all classes will be canceled. *Calendar based on 4 weeks per month average or 48 weeks of lessons throughout the year.

2024 School Closures: 

1/1 New Years Day

3/26-3/31 Spring Break

5/27 Memorial Day

7/2-7/7 Summer Break

9/2 Labor Day

11/26-11/30 Thanks Giving Break

12/22-1/1 Winter Break

Musical Life Denver (MLD) Policies 

Our office phone number is 303-353-1965 Please be aware that we do NOT have a full-time receptionist or desk person and may not always be available to answer. Please leave a voice message and we will call you back as soon as we can. If you are going to be running late, or there is an emergency at the last minute and you cannot come to your lessons, please email your teacher directly!

Please read the following information carefully. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a member of the MLD community to be aware of all our policies and procedures. Failure to follow the procedures set forth in this document may result in missing classes, and events, and being terminated from MLD without a refund.



Students are NOT ALLOWED to ask for or have instructors’ personal cell phone numbers. All communication must be done through their official Musical Life Denver email address. 


All questions regarding changes in scheduling, billing, and any non-teaching related questions should be sent to our office email, or done by phone, at 303-353-1965


All questions regarding teaching, learning, and RUNNING LATE OR LAST MINUTE CANCELATIONS should be sent to the teachers email address, which is [Teacher’s Name] 

Example, Nick’s email is 


For a complete list of teacher emails and zoom links, go to:


If you normally take lessons in person but will need to use zoom due to being sick, out of town, traffic, snow, or any other reason, you must email your instructor one hour prior to your scheduled lesson.

MLD MEMBERSHIP (Lessons/Bands)

Private Lessons:


Monthly Membership at Musical Life Denver (MLD) includes an average of 4 lessons per month, as well as participation in up to four “jam sessions” per month. Students will also be able to participate in our seasonal concerts, video concerts, recording projects, and any other schoolwide enrichment activities.


Groups (bands) and Kidzrock:


Group and Kidzrock Membership details can be found on your specific Band or Kidzrock Program Information Document. 


All billing and payment is done through our school billing and payment app called TeacherZone. Students must enter a valid credit card during registration before starting lessons. Students will be billed automatically on the 1st of each month. If you need to pick another day of the month to be billed, that is fine, as long as you arrange it with the office. 


Lesson payments that are consistently late/unapproved may be subject to a $50 late fee.


We do NOT do make-up or rescheduled lessons UNLESS: 


  1. We have 2 weeks WRITTEN notice. Valid notice is an email to

***Verbal notice is not considered valid notice – you MUST email the office!


  1. The Instructor cancels, in which case we will find a substitute teacher or facilitate a rescheduled lesson within the reasonable constraints of the teacher schedule (which may include doing it remotely on zoom.)

***The rescheduled lesson must occur within one month of the original lesson date, or the banked lesson expires.


If something comes up and you cannot make your lesson, please email your INSTRUCTOR VIA EMAIL at least 30 minutes before your scheduled lesson, and they will make a short, personalized video lesson/practice assignment within one day of the regularly scheduled time. Videos can be found in your google drive!


If you cannot make it to the lesson In-Person due to logistics or illness, the lesson CAN be done remotely on zoom, but you must alert your teacher via email at least 30 minutes before your scheduled lesson.


If you are more than 15 minutes late to a lesson without notice, you forfeit your lesson for that day.

Why don’t we do last-minute rescheduling and “make up” lessons?


Our instructors are highly skilled, highly trained, and in demand working musicians. Simply put, if minimum wage workers get to know their schedule two weeks ahead of time, then so do our instructors. We understand that this is not compatible with certain schedules, and if this is the case, we are happy to refer you to a private instructor who may be more flexible to your needs.


Stopping lessons requires 30 days written notice before the next billing cycle. (by sending an email to This means you will make ONE FINAL payment after letting us know you are stopping. 


***We do not save or reserve time slots if you are taking a break (for the summer for instance.) We will always try to do our best to accommodate, but we can never guarantee you will get back with the teacher you love. Also, we don’t raise our prices on current students, but if you stop lessons, when you return, and our prices have increased, you will be responsible for paying the new rate. 


Musical Life Denver reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate a student’s membership for any reason deemed fit and at the full discretion of MLD management. We do not have an official Code of Conduct, but we ask that everybody treat everybody else at MLD with respect and courtesy. If a student is suspended or terminated, there will not be a refund issued for the latest payment, even if it happens at the beginning of the month!  


There is street parking directly in front of the building on Broadway, as well as across the street on the west side of Broadway. (There is a median making it easier to cross the street in 2 steps.) There is also ample parking on the sides of Bates (by Starbucks) and Amherst (by Copper Pot.) 


The adjacent lot is owned by our neighbor, Birsdall, and is fine for short-term drop-off and pick-up. The lot is also available anytime after 5 pm (when they close.)


**ADULT STUDENTS: Please help keep our families safe by parking across the street or on the side streets to leave as much possible parking for families with young children! 


NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT TO US THAN THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS AND FAMILIES AT MLD. Because of this, we keep the front door shut at all times. The code to enter is 1394. Please put this code in your phone. We also have motion-activated security cameras in every room and hallway. 


If you are dropping off or picking up your child, you must make sure the student enters the building before leaving. You must be there to pick up your student at the end of the lesson! We do not have babysitters or any supervision in the lobby, and our teachers usually have lessons back to back and cannot spend time after a lesson with a young student waiting for a parent. If the student is 11 or under, one parent must wait with the student until they enter the teaching room, and a parent must be waiting in the lobby to pick them up.


MLD is open year-round, with the exception of the following dates, at which time all classes will be canceled. *** Our calendar is based on 4 weeks per month avg, or 48 weeks of lessons throughout the year.




We love to share pictures and videos of our students in promotions and on Facebook/Instagram, and other platforms for the purpose of highlighting students, as well as brand and community building. If you do NOT want us to use pictures/videos of you or your child on social media and marketing materials, please let us know by emailing with the subject: No Social Media [Student Name].



Students who fail to comply with our safety protocols may be asked to leave the studio and take their lessons on zoom. No exceptions. Please read the following Safety protocols we are implementing.


  1. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK, OR EVEN THINK YOU MIGHT BE. Zoom works fine, and if you feel there is any chance you are even the slightest bit sick, stick with zoom, and email your instructor at least one hour before your scheduled lesson


  1. If you are sick or will be doing zoom (just for the day), please email your instructor at least one hour prior to your lesson so they can be ready on zoom.