“Keyboards” include piano, electric piano, organs, synthesizers and much more. Keyboards are some of the most ubiquitous and versatile instruments out there. Here at Musical Life Denver, we use this versatility to our advantage and teach students a well rounded method that combines fundamentals and note reading with practical and rote skills that will allow them to play in any setting.

Whether you want to play like Bhetoven, Alica Keys, Billy Joel, or produce like Dr. Dre and Daft Punk – the keyboard is an essential tool for the job. At Musical Life Denver, the foundation our students get in keyboard/piano helps them express themselves in any way they like.

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What YOU ONLY GET at Musical Life Denver: 

Regular Jam Sessions.

Play together with other students on a regular basis, included at no extra cost. Jam sessions are the place to put what you are learning into context, accelerate your improvement to HYPER SPEED, meet some amazing folks and have a BLAST!

Epic Concerts.

 Play on stage at REAL Denver venues to a packed house -no more empty coffee shops shows or dreaded “recitals.”

Curriculum and Technology.

Our unique and proprietary curriculum combines all the fundamentals you need with a well curated catalog of authentic and contemporary music – all while helping students learn to use the internet/latest apps and tools to make sure that even if they stop lessons, they will never stop learning. 

How we MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER at Musical Life Denver: 

  • Hassle Free Scheduling and flexibility. We do lessons in person, virtually, or hybrid. We’ll even make you personalized video lessons if you can’t be there – no more makeup lesson headaches!
  • No long term contracts or commitments. Though we believe student’s benefit most from consistent and ongoing study, we realize life can change at a moment’s notice. That’s why our lessons are only a monthly commitment, not a semester or year long obligation.
  • Affordable Instrument Rentals. Not ready to go all in on a drum set or electric guitar setup? No worries – we have you covered with some of the most affordable monthly rental options in the area. And when you are finally ready to purchase your own instrument, our knowledge staff will help you find the perfect option for you or your child with the help of our local vendor partners. 

Why our programs, methods and instructors are simply THE BEST

Our instructors, or as we call them, our TCM’s (teacher, coach, mentors) are FUN, ENTHUSIASTIC, and HIGHLY TRAINED. However, we know there is always room for improvement, which is why we are committed to continuous and rigorous staff development through ongoing training, regular meetings/mastermind sessions, customer feedback, and always keeping up on latest developments in musical learning and pedagogy.

We believe in a positivity based approach that will build confidence through finding and accentuating students strengths, not focussing solely on their weaknesses. We want students to WANT to be in lessons, concerts, and practice, and we know that will only happen if they LOVE their time on their instrument and with their teachers. Sorry, but no ruler hitting and whiplash here!

Finally, we are a highly creativity-based school. We believe we are only as good as our students' ability to express themselves. Whether that be through finding their own unique musical path, songwriting and improvisation, or production and artist development, our programs and staff at Musical Life Denver will help your child grow, have fun, and find THEIR BEST SELVES through music.