Why should kids get to have all the fun? Play In A band • Perform On Stage

Adult Band Classes in Englewood/Denver, Colorado.

Did you know that there are TONS of people in Denver and the Front Range Area, just like you, would love to be in a band but don’t know where to start?

Finding bandmates, learning songs, scheduling rehearsals, and booking a show can be a total headache! Thankfully, Musical Life Denver has it down to a science. We’ve got you covered.

Our band program provides a clear and direct path to playing a real rock show. The rock band classes we offer are a way to hone your skills, have some fun, and meet other like-minded music lovers in a judgment-free and structured setting. With at least 3 well attended shows a year at esteemed Denver venues such as Herman’s Hideaway, you are only ever 4 months away from the biggest rush there is: taking the stage under the lights and playing a live rock show in front of an enthusiastic audience.

(Actual photo from one of our Herman’s Hideaway shows…notice the director Robby on bass!)

In our adult band program, you will:

  • Pick and vote on a song list that ROCKS
  • Learn your parts with the help of our expert instructors
  • Learn how to effectively prepare and rehearse your songs
  • Enjoy weekly band practices that are FUN
  • Be part of a wonderful, judgment-free community of musician folks just like you
  • Play a KICK ASS live rock show, complete with stage, lights and screaming audience
  • Create memories that will last a lifetime (or for us older folks, a couple of weeks tops)
FIND OUT WHY our adult band classes consistently rated the best in Colorado? There will be no more wasting time with unproductive band practices, drama, and B.S!

I’ve attended two adult rock group sessions at Musical Life Denver and it has been life-changing. The staff are amazingly talented, professional and fun. The folks I’ve met in class are not only excellent musicians, they’re great people. It’s like jamming every week with your best buds!

The best part about taking classes at Musical Life Denver is that you improve your skills while having a blast, AND you get to perform live at the end of each session! I highly recommend Musical Life Denver to musicians of all ages.

Holiday Wirick – Google Review

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I’ve done two sessions of Adult Rock at Musical Life Denver and it’s been a wonderful experience. Robby is a great instructor and musician…..and a lot of fun.

I highly recommend this program for folks looking to learn about playing in a band. One bonus feature is at the end of each session, we play live at a club in Denver.

Total blast!!

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Check out some of our live concert footage!

Band Summer Session Timeline and Info (May-Aug 2024)

Enrollment and Program Timeline: 

  • Students who enroll by Friday, April 22, can nominate 2 songs to the voting pool. All song nominations due that day. 
  • Voting forms will be published by Thursday, April 25.
  • Voting must be completed by Sunday, April 28, if you do not vote, your songs will be assigned by the directors.
  • Orientation (big meeting) – Saturday, May 4, at 2:00pm.
  • Song assignments and set list will be announced by Sunday, May 5. 
  • Weekly Rehearsals start the week of May 12, 2023.
  • Dress Rehearsal, or the final rehearsal before the show will be the week of 11th or 18th, is Mandatory.
  • Concert Dates – The weekend of Aug 24, 2024 at Herman’s Hideaway

Weekly Rehearsals week days/times. All bands are open genre.

  • Sundays 3:30- 5:30
  • Mondays 7-9 
  • Thursdays 7-9



JUST BAND: $249/month and includes band + one lesson or 2 jam session sessions each month of the program. Students must schedule lessons with the office via email at the beginning of the month. Lessons are subject to availability and do not roll over to the next month. 


Band/Lesson Bundle: $349/month and $399/month respectively for band + weekly 30-minute/45-minute lessons + 4 jam sessions each month.

Additional Cost: All students will be responsible for 6 tickets ($15 each – a total of $90) to either sell or give away to their friends.

What instruments do I need to know how to play to join a band class?

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drums, Voice, and we are open to electric violins and other non-traditional rock band instruments – just ask!

What is the time commitment?

A weekly 2-3 hour rehearsal for 14-16 weeks and a concert after the final rehearsal.

What skill levels do you work with?

We have a highly dynamic approach that allows us to take in anyone from beginner to advanced. We curate the music and place folks in a way that maximizes their strengths and creates harmony in an

Where do we get to perform?

Members of our rock band classes for adults get to perform in many different Denver area venues, including: Herman’s Hideaway, Your Mom’s House, and other local fairs/etc during the summer months.

What styles of music will I get to play?

All styles of Rock, Blues, Metal, Motown, Oldies, New Wave, Funk, Pop, Grunge and more. Variety is the spice of life.

Will I need my own gear?

Of course to be a successful musician, you will need a primary instrument to practice on at home, but we have all large instruments, speakers, microphones, etc here for student use.

How much is it?

$249/month, and special package deals if you’d like to bundle with private lessons.

Where are the classes located?

At our humble school rehearsal space. 2842 South Broadway, Englewood 80110.

Do yourself a favor, and get started today!