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Kid and Teen Band Classes in Englewood/South Denver, Colorado.

Bands ages 8-18 in Denver colorado

Our Bands for kids and teens in a Nutshell

  • Students are placed into groups of similar age and skill level
  • Students create a unique set of music that reflects their individual personalities
  • With the help of our expert band coaches, students learn and perfect their music through weekly rehearsals which are organized, productive, and FUN.
  • Three times a year, the bands team up to play an EPIC concert at some of Denver’s most iconic venues such as Herman’s Hideaway.

What makes our bands BETTER than the competition?

Local and Unique

Created by founder and director Robby Schecter, Musical Life Denver offers the hands-down BEST band classes for kids and teens in the Denver area. Not just a typical school-of-rock-style corporate franchise, our locally-homegrown programs provide students a musically diverse and authentic performance experience. 

Musically Diverse

Not just for head bangers, we expose and encourage our students to play a wide variety of music, from classic and current rock to hip-hop, indie, disco, blues, soul, oldies and everything in between. We put a premium on creativity so we have even played songs written by our students, as well as rearranging, remixing, improvising and embellishing

For The Students, By The Students

 Our students LOVE our program because, unlike our competitors, THEY get to pick the music they play. This simple, yet powerful feature of our program allows the students to feel way more invested in the music, which showcases the unique personality of each of the group members.

Community and Leadership Focussed

We put a HEAVY emphasis on leadership and community. We ascribe to the old saying “it takes a village” and use the experience of our more skilled members to help foster the next generation of musicians.

Our students build both skills and confidence. Our inclusive and supportive culture teaches our students to welcome everyone, and the value of building up each other (even though there still exists a healthy amount of positive and friendly competition!) 

Our students come first

See what parents have to say about watching their kids succeed in music

Our daughter loves her experience here. The owner and teachers are very passionate in their work, and it shows. We highly recommend Musical Life Denver.

Robert Fejeran - Google Review

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My 6 year old daughter had a great time exploring music and meeting other kids in Kidzrock at Musical Life Denver....I appreciate the instructors and Robby at MLD and recommend their programs!

Mike Moore - Google Review

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All-around positive experience with MLD. Not only did they make learning music fun, but the performances helped to build confidence in front of crowds. Teachers are talented themselves and share their love of music. I would highly recommend to anyone interested!!

Corie Good - Google Review

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